Tutoring & Lessons: Spring 2020

Math - Physics - Test Prep

My Approach

I believe focusing on problem areas and knoweldge gaps from previous years - not just working on homework questions - is the key to deeper understanding and a love of mathematics! This is because math is learned in layers, and if you're not understanding concepts at one level, it will be nearly impossible to understand the next layer. I liken mathamatical understanding to a pyramid structure, like this:

There is a structure to how we learn math

The implications of this structure are profound. It means that a problem in the foundational layer can cause problems at later levels of development long after we have forgotten our mistakes. It also means you cannot just learn things in an arbitrary order; to learn higher math concepts there is a large body of foundational and secondary skills that you must master first. You might be struggling with Statistics, Linear Algebra, or Calculus - consider that you might be overlooking the problem area. One of my teaching strategies is to consider the problem from all levels of the pyramid, and construct a learning plan that addresses the current curriculum but also the missing Foundational and Secondary Skills.

Many of the students I have seen over the years have missed a key concept or two at the foundational level, and then started to fall further and further behind as a result. They then come to me when they get to Pre-Cal or Calculus and feel totally lost. Almost always, I can trace these issues to missing concepts at a lower level on the pyramid. Over time the problem areas are layered over with new concepts, and wherever there is shaky understanding it causes a deeper gap until the student is thoroughly lost. Like tiny crevaces in rock formations that become a little deeper each year, what started out to be a tiny gap in your knowledge can eventually turn in to a huge deficit. Additionally, instability at a lower level makes Secondary Skills and Higher Math concepts unstable from the start. For this reason, I spend some time each session systematically covering topics from previous courses that the student, for one reason or another, failed to master. In this way, I attempt to foster a more robust understanding of the subject matter and help the student achieve their learning goals.

  • Math, all levels
  • Physics, all levels
  • SAT, ACT - Math, Science, Reading & Writing

Small Group Tutoring: Math & Physics, Spring 2020

Meet us on Saturdays and Wednesdays to study high school math and physics in a small group setting! We will meet at Cuppa Austin every week this semester to practice and improve our math and physics skills. Extra practice for your AP exams are included!

How It Works

Every student will get a customized learning plan based on their individual needs. Every time a student comes in for a session, the student will receive personalized progress updates, additional worksheets and quizzes tailored to their coursework, and individual instruction time with the teacher.


The cost of the lessons are $200 for four lessons (or $55 for a drop-in class). I accept cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, and BitCoin.

Location: Saturday & Wednesday Tutoring

Group tutoring meets at Cuppa Austin in Round Rock. Address: 9225 W Parmer Lane, Austin TX, 78717.

Registration Apply Now for Spring 2020!

If you would like to join the group lessons, the first step is to fill out this application. I will contact you within three business days about your application via the contact info you provide in the form. I am currently accepting new students for the group, but spots will be limited.

Private Tutoring: Spring 2020

I offer private lessons for math, physics, and test prep. I tend to focus on the fundamental concepts at work underlying the problem areas. Learning math or science is like learning any other skill, you must learn to walk before you can run. When we go back to the basics, when we address the fundamental underlying concepts, the hard stuff gets much easier.

Notice I currently do not have any openings for private lessons. I encourage you to try out the group lessons!


The cost for private lessons is $75 for a 1-hour lessons. I can also do remote sessions via Skype for $60. I offer a 10% discount if you pay for four or more lessons in advance.

Private Lesson Costs
Lesson Type Single Lesson Pack of 4 (10% disc)
In-Person $75 $270
Virtual (Online) $60 $216
Location: Private Tutoring

I generally meet students at a local Starbucks (455 University Blvd, Round Rock TX). I can also come to your home, if you live within a 6 mile radius of 455 University Blvd.