Art of Authentic Relationships – Spring 2022




Art of Authentic Relationships

Key skills to enhance personal and professional relationships. Join Melinda and Daniel – learn core communication skills and get hands-on practice to deepen connections with colleagues, clients, friends, and romantic partners.


Date : mar 23
Cost : Free/Donation
Level : beginner
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The Art of Authentic Relationships is an online 8-week training in key skills to enhance your personal and professional relationships. Each week you will learn core communication skills and get real, hands-on practice you can use to deepen connections with colleagues, clients, friends, and romantic partners.

Through facilitated demonstrations and experiential 1×1 coaching exercises, you will learn and practice 8 specific listening and communication techniques for enhanced relational efficacy.

Have you ever longed to improve your communication skills and deepen your connections with others? Ever wished to enrich your personal and professional relationships, and to navigate difficult conversations with more grace?

Drawing upon our combined experiences and training in coaching, mindfulness, and psychology, Daniel and Melinda offer a structured, safe container where you’ll learn and practice these critical skills.

While these competencies may seem straightforward, they are often difficult to put into practice, particularly when we are experiencing stress, frustration and discomfort. Listening deeply and expressing yourself authentically is one of the greatest gifts you can offer to those around you. Like the Golden Rule, if everyone practiced these skills it would make the world a better place and make us all more effective in our interpersonal endeavors.


Sneak Peek at the Course

What is a Powerful Question?


How Do We Ask Powerful Questions?

Coaching Demo #1

Coaching Demo #2

What People Are Saying About Art of Authentic Relationships

“The series of workshops during the “Coaching Skills for Authentic Relationships” class was an amazing journey! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us over the last 6 weeks! We enjoyed the well defined curriculum, the length of each class was just right. Melinda and Daniel coached us on kind ways of giving and receiving feedback, active listening, trusting intuition, mirroring and reflecting, asking powerful questions and authentic presence. I was able to apply what I learned in personal and business settings immediately. I would highly recommend executive coaching that combines creativity and mindfulness to my friends and colleagues. Thank you for a wonderful learning opportunity, Melinda and Daniel!” – Sveta P.
“One’s ability to be authentic in relationships is critical to building trust and holding space for others to step into more empowering conversations. Thank you both — Daniel and Melinda — for delivering a well thought out course and convening us in a way that fostered productive conversations among participants and lots of laughter at times. I enjoyed watching Melinda and Daniel model a new skill each week and then learning experientially through practice with fellow classmates. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow and take their coaching to the next level.” – Steve G.
“Leading up to class each Wednesday for 6 weeks, my stomach and body would have slight nervous energy. I guess performance anxiety for the role play and break out sessions that we were going to be doing. But I always found that once I was in class, in the safe space of the group, my anxiety lowered and my joy was heightened. You know when they say that “joy can be found when you raise your vibration?” That is how I felt when I was in class and afterwards. I felt like I was vibrating higher and that time sort of stopped. Thank you Melinda and Daniel!” – Melissa H.

Class Structure:

Week 1: Giving & Receiving Feedback

Week 2: Active Listening, Mirroring & Reflecting

Week 3: Trusting Intuition

Week 4: Asking Powerful Questions

Week 5: Authentic Presence / Holding Space (Process Coaching)

Week 6: Emotional Intelligence

Week 7: Making Requests, Challenging & Non-Violent Communication

Week 8: Conscious Dialogue

If you feel like this class would be a good match for you, you can register here. Don’t forget, the early bird discount ends February 1st! See you soon!

Facilitators – About

Melinda Rothouse, PhD.

Melinda is a professional creativity, leadership, and career coach, consultant, educator, and facilitator based in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of Austin Writing Coach and co-founder of Syncreate, which offers creativity coaching, consulting, workshops, and retreats designed to enhance creativity in life and work, and to foster communication, collaboration, and community.



Daniel is a mindfulness coach, mathematics educator, and small business owner in Austin, TX. He is an avid meditator, with a daily practice integrated into his otherwise modern lifestyle. He has been to retreats in the Zen and Mahamudra styles of meditation, and completed training programs with several of the worlds leading meditation teachers. Of particular interest to Daniel is the integration of modern science and the contemplative wisdom imported from the East: finding that perfect balance of matter and mind.


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